I’ve loved art my whole life, taking classes from childhood through college, but had never invested much time outside of that setting to do work for myself until recently. I have returned to art in order to process and cope with mental illness. The return has been lovely, imperfect in its practice, and a complete (sometimes incomplete) escape. It’s an incredible coping mechanism - a way to channel emotion, disorganized thoughts, medication side effects, anxiety and general overwhelm. 


Currently, I am exploring color with an emphasis on a single color in each series. My painting process begins with choosing a color that speaks to me and building a color palette around it. That single, initial color is the defining trait of each body of work. From there, I create color palettes based on what I find visually interesting and the emotion and memories I have while creating and letting loose on the canvas.

For the non-art stuff: I live in Spokane, Washington with my husband, cat, and dog. I work at Trader Joe’s, which is a blast. When I'm not painting, I love cooking, hiking, yoga, and sampling every new beer I can find.

Katie Carver