A collection of my work from March 2020-present. Each series has a different color theme and seeks to create a different mood. To view an entire piece, click the image to expand.


The collection that started it all. An exploration of textures, colors, and movement and the jumping off point for the following color series. 


Terre Verte

Terre Verte is the color of green earth - moss, lichen, wet grass. This series explores Terre Verte as it relates to the seasons and the natural world. This is a series I plan to return to in the near future. 


Yellow Ochre

The Yellow Ochre series follows the themes of celebration and nostalgia, from childhood birthday parties to long drives to visit with friends. 



The Ultramarine series is the most recent series created and is still in progress. It juxtaposes colors that are tight and close together on the color wheel, but the movement is fluid and, in some cases, chaotic. 

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